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Tiny Universes Invitation
FROM NOV 2013: For the last six months, thirteen illustrators from America, Australia and Portugal have been collaborating on Tiny Universes at the invitation of Adelaide artist and curator Fruzsi Kenez. Her vision brings together these artists in celebration of illustrative work that draws the audience into its own enchanting world. From the renowned wise-eyed creatures of Cat Rabbit (Melb), to the dark and nostalgic portraitscapes of Daniel Moreira (Portugal), Tiny Universes draws together an eclectic and wonderful mix of artistic styles and methods ranging from pen on paper, watercolour and acrylic on wood, to intaglio prints, textile sculptures, screenprinted tshirts and much more.

For most of the international artists, this is their first time showing in Australia. Please join us on Friday evening, Nov 8th for opening night celebrations, and a glimpse into fourteen TINY UNIVERSES.

Participating artists:

Gary Seaman (Adelaide)
Kyoko Imazu (Melbourne, AU)
Cat Rabbit (Melbourne, AU)
Malia Wearn (Adelaide)

Simon de Boer (Adelaide)
Daniel John Purvis (Adelaide)
Justin Brown Durand (Northampton, USA)
Anna Wanda Gogusey (Austin, USA)
Cathy McMurray (Portland, USA)

Daniel Moreira (Porto, Portugal)
Dom Sargent (Adelaide)
Meg Wilson (Adelaide)
Fruzsi Kenez (Adelaide)

Exhibition poster by Anna Gogusey
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