fruzsi kenez
Mooki in the Window (Szeged, Hungary)Winter Song (Szeged, Hungary)Squares (Budapest)Schatten/Shadows (Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary)Kelly (budapest)LunchBlue (Hodmezovasarhely / Oroshaza, Hungary)Time Flies, (Kassel/Flight over Poland) Blind, A Portrait of Linda (Oroshaza, Hungary)Fast Fish, Fast Friends (Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary)Little Birds (Paris - Regnier France)Intimacy (Copenhagen/Breda)Blouse (Kassel)Scandinavian Finds (Copenhagen, Stockholm)So Lovely (Lund, Sweden)Mummify Me (Kassel, Louvre Paris) Hidden Beneath/ Spring (Szeged, Hungary)Bad Neighbours (Budapest)You'll Get Some If You're Good (Stockholm/Barcelona)Unfortunate Royal (Budapest/Stockholm)Morning (Budapest)
Europe Doubles
During my travels throughout Europe in 2009 - 2010, I took a lot of photographs. As one does, when seeing the sights of an amazing, vibrant continent such as this. I traveled with three cameras, my trusty 'Fatty' (polaroid camera), Diana (Diana F+ w/ splitzer lens) and also a small Sony digicam.

The photographs shown in this folder were all taken digitally. Some of these photographs have been published, and others also selected to accent a travel article I was commissioned to write for On Dit Magazine in 2010 about my adventures in Hungary. It was titled 'The Art of Sausagisation - A Vegetarian's Guide to Eastern Europe.' Another photo of mine was chosen for a different edition of On Dit Magazine.

These photographs, along with many others will be shown in a show in March 2012 at The Reading Room, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Please credit me and link back to this site when featuring images. Thank you.