fruzsi kenez
Europe Doubles Elyas facing the map. Elyas reciting his poetry.Hands of the PoetCollecting his thoughts.Walking closerWhat Remains
'Amounting to Something' (2013)
Nexus Multicultural Arts Center, Adelaide, June 6 - 28, 2013. Opening night performance by Fruzsi Kenez and Elyas Alavi.

A lovely exhibition curated by André Lawrence about memory, migration and home. He pulled six individual artists together, put them in pairs and encouraged conversation. Beautiful art followed. Thank you Andre. And another big thanks to Daniel John Purvis for the photos. The second half of the images is of acclaimed Afghani poet and performer Elyas Alavi and my opening night performance speaking about love and longing, distance and loss. Thank you to everyone for coming and sharing this special night with us!