fruzsi kenez
Anna-Rosa, Little Miss MexicanaLuna & DianaSerena - Ocean mistress and whisperer of wavesMiyuka (progress shot)Simon and Magdalena - Keepers of Faith and Kindred ThoughtsNymeria - Huntress and Protector of Her PeopleGalaxyAlice and the March HareRamona - Flower whisperer and Keeper of Spirits Past'Simon and Magdalena - Keepers of Faith and Kindred Thoughts'. Estelle - Mistress of the Stars and Celestial DivinationThree sneaky sisters. Moira, Mairead and MaryTooth and Nail Studio Gallery One Year Anniversary Show artworks
Paintings (2012 - 2013)
My newest works on wood from exhibitions from 2012 - 2013 and also freelance jobs. Please email me with any inquiries regarding the purchase of works. Local delivery in Adelaide or studio pick up is available.