fruzsi kenez
The Tunnels Promo VideoScreen grab of my painting "Nymeria - Huntress and Protector of Her People"Screen-grab of my painting "Simon and Magdalena - Keepers of Faith and Kindred Throughts"
The Tunnels (Adelaide exhibition)
In April 2013, ArtSake Production in collaboration with Fascination Street presented a visual and performing arts exhibition that took place in tunnels underneath Adelaide. ArtSake Productions curated the space using over thirty emerging visual artists. Each week a new round of artists exhibited their works which related to a certain theme. Week one’s theme was 'Oxygen', followed by week two’s theme, 'Beneath'. Each theme kicked off with opening night celebrations featuring performing arts, body painting, sculptures, jewellery with food and drinks.
The Tunnels are located underneath the Medina Grand Adelaide Treasury in Victoria Square and this is the first time that were used for an exhibition of this nature.